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White Paws And A Dream - Stormy Glenn *snort* I love this series so much it hurts.

It amazes me that every time I read yet another book, the utterly stupid premise still manages to awe me. And make me smile. And laugh. And so fucking happy.

You see, the reason I love this series so much is because it is so fantastically shit that it's fun. Insanely fun. I gladly (and will continue to gladly) sacrifice the multitude of brain cells that died in honour of this book and series.

I'll admit this book did seem better than some of its predecessors. But still we had the shallow romance, 2D and unrealistically 'perfect' characters (that were actually an improvement from previous books, but still not good), tacky sex and a silly, over the top plot.

Readability = 10 stars
Quality = ... let's not rate this shall we

Overall: 2.5 stars

Advice: Read this if you want, but know what you're getting into. This isn't something you should choose if you're looking for good literature and a realistic and emotional romance.