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An Intrepid Trip to Love - Charlie Cochet This was an incredibly fun and humorous read, however frequently taken to the point of ridiculousness. It started off with a hilarious bang, that quickly turned cold. Spiders. As much as I appreciate the inclusion of the prompt to that extent and the lovely display of female power, they're fucking enforcers. Big, bad, grizzly, I've-killed-more-people-than-years-you've-spent-on-this-wretched-earth Enforcers. Who failed to kill a spider. A monstrous, freak spider, but a spider nonetheless. I really do fail to see the logic in this.

Aside from useless Enforcers who call themselves the 'Devil Dogs' (kill me now) and an equally useless sounding supposed Alpha, the plot was relatively engaging, however slightly cheesy and with an somewhat ending unsatisfying (I really wish everything was wrapped up in this story).

I found the more central characters endearing, if not quite as fleshed out as I wanted, and the baddies (and some other less characters) 2D and annoying and unbelievable.

The romance was pretty cute however and the conclusion to that was heart warming.

Overall it was a fun quick-fix that I quickly tired of.

Rating: 3.25 - 3.5