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Pitifully Ugly - Robin Alexander To be short and sweet (though perhaps not literally), the most interesting element of this book was the fact that it was lesbian fiction, a genre and unknown land which I hadn't yet ventured into previously. Not to say that this book wasn't enjoyable, yet it was a rather standard and somewhat dull romance.

The much acclaimed humor (and what was probably the biggest selling point for me) was rather overestimated in my opinion, however, I did find it funny, and laughed out loud at times (it's not difficult to make me laugh. I laugh out loud at my own reviews all the time), however it wasn't as hilarious as I had hoped or expected.

Personally, Shannon did not endear herself to me, but that was more my taste than the actual writing and character. Her voice was still a pleasure to read and amusing. I did feel that some of the situations she went through were utterly ridiculous or didn't match up with my image of her early on in the book, she was about to have a one night stand. I found this weird since I didn't think that she would feel comfortable with that, especially with her low self esteem. And she even tried to be the aggressor (I say tried because I found the whole scene utterly awkward and off putting).

As mentioned in some reviews, the character building was a pleasure to read about, if slightly jarring at times. It was lovely to see Shannon's self confidence build as the story progressed, but I wish it was executed more.. subtly, if that makes any sense. The character development felt almost jarring to me because it was really obvious when the author placed an event or character in whose sole purpose was to allow Shannon's confidence to build. While that is the normal procedure, it felt as if after every situation, her self esteem would have this substantial boost with no gradual, smooth progression in the long run. And I wasn't really sold on Hailey at all. I didn't understand her character well enough, and just didn't understand her insecurities and why she did this and that.

The romance was nice. I know that word sounds incredibly dull and unconvincing, but there's really nothing else to say. I thought the whole beating around the bush shit with their relationship should've stopped earlier on in the novel, as once they had gotten together (or at least started interacting properly with their intentions laid out) the novel became exponentially better. They were cute, and seeing them as an established couple was heart warming with all of these lovely fuzzy feels.

Overall this is an enjoyable read, but still fell flat and failed to impress. It has its humorous moments, but it was a rather uneventful foray into lesbian romance.