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Flying With Dragons - Sean Michael Flying with Dragons is a relatively quick, mindlessly easy read. The writing is smooth but the plot is rather threadbare. Sure it's paranormal as well, but this is definitely romance; the magic and mythology and whatnot really are just a backdrop. The world is quite solidly built and a hazy picture is painted in your mind, however the novel does not focus on adding the little details that perhaps would've made this novel more substantial and interesting. The mythology and world were new - though not quite original - and I would've loved to see more of it.

This isn't the most realistic book. The development of the relationship and the characters is quite flat and typical to those of MM shifter books, I've noticed. It's bordering insta-love (not that you can really have anything else with the size of this) and the characters are stereotypically depicted in relation to their preferred position top/ bottom. But hell, despite all that unrealistic bullshit, I'm really just nitpicking. The reason I picked this book up was to have fun and escape a life where Prince Charming isn't rockin' up to sweep me off my feet on his white steed. In fact, if he were actually real, an accurate scenario would probably be that he stole the white steed to run the fuck away from me.

But anyway, going back on track... one of the things that actually bugged me was when Grunk said to sweet, cute Kyfan "Sorry I made you wait for me." [to come into your life] as if, as the 'top' and dominant of the relationship, the righteous duty of bringing them together fell on him and only him. As if sweet little Kyfan had to wait like a fucking princess in his bloody tower for Prince fucking Grunk to sweep him away. I don't care if Kyfan is portrayed as very gentle and malleable and a totally innocent bottom. It should also be Kyfan's right to sweep Prince fucking Grunk off his feet too and to suggest otherwise is extremely derogatory. So much for being soulmates.

And not only that, Grunk called Kyfan 'Kyf-Shian' (abbreviated to simply Shian) which apparently means Kyf-mine in dragon tongue. And yet Kyfan calls Grunk the honorific for one's heartmate are, 'Steron', which apparently can also mean king of my heart, master of the hearth. I'm not sure about you, but I'm seeing these very clear and distinctive roles that I personally don't like, not really feeling the partnership here. While I was reading, the word Steron was often - and subconsciously- substituted with ''Master' (which works perfectly in context).

But anyway, I don't know why I'm pretty much ranting, especially since I enjoyed the book a lot. Perhaps I'm feeling particularly vindictive.

Despite there being aspects of the character I didn't quite like or approve of, I can whole heartedly say that I enjoyed reading about them and in Grunk's perspective. Being quite unfamiliar with human civilisation and surroundings, his POV was amusing and fun to read in -though with one small inconsistency that jumped out at me. Kyfan was sweet and loveable and described as quite the little exotic creature. Being a fan of BDSM, I couldn't help but notice that he'd make a lovely submissive..... but I think I'll refrain from mentioning my perversions any further.

The actual development of their love was unrealistic but it still managed to be warm and heartening... And anyway, I wasn't expecting it to be some grand, slow burn.

Overall this was a fun and sweet read; unrealistic and unbelievable with big niggles if you think it through, but honestly just an enjoyable read. If this is part of a series, I would continue it, especially if I actually get to see Grunk dealing with his job and all those icky humans. Hah, dragons, gotta love 'em.