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Lovers Entwined - Lillian Francis This was a surprisingly good and solid read. I started this thinking it'd be happy trashy and also, for some unknown reason I'm trying to understand even now, that there'd be dragons in this. Honestly, I don't even bloody know why I thought that, as this is as far away from dragons as you can get.

Lovers Entwined is quite an accurate title. The book centres around two seemingly unrelated men whose love transcends time itself. The past lives of Ewan and Trey were colourful, dramatic cycles of tragedy. With every new past life revealed, each breaking your heart, you just can't help but root for them, that maybe, in this life, they will finally have a happy ending.

One obstacle of course, is Trey's bitch fiancée oops I mean girlfriend, because apparently the fact that they're engaged is meant to be very hush hush. I think one of the things I really liked about this book is that it brought up the fact that you shouldn't have to change yourself for a relationship and really, the moment your partner tries to do this, warning bells should be ringing like hell in your mind and heart.

Something weird was that, well, I kind of liked bring in the flashbacks (of past lives) more than I actually liked watching the present-life romance bloom. There's something about the past lives of those two that is just infinitely more passionate and exciting. In comparison, the present seemed to pale.

Overall this was quite a good read. Not that great or enjoyable, but as I said, it was solid. There were some wonderfully executed moments in this book (mostly of the past, though) and the diary/letters were incredibly heart rending. I wouldn't say I'd recommend this book, however I definitely wouldn't discourage you from reading it if you were interested.

And it had a outrageously cute and fun ending. Brownie points.

Rating: 3.5