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#First Impressions #Second Chances - Heidi Belleau #so #damn #fabulous #it #hurt

Because of course, things that are too fabulous hurt. Of course.

Jonah is a gay fashion blogger and a little on the neurotic side. Sebastian is a sweet, adorable little soul and a little on the tubby side (but fuck do his imperfections make him all the more perfect. The story itself had me smiling like a goof and spluttering with laughter, there were so many things that really were wonderful.

# love interest is not 2m tall with a rippling 20-pack stomach and guns that could bench press a whale (do you use biceps to bench press? I don't even know what bench pressing is #unashamed)

# the hashtags -- brilliant fucking things that made the story all the more funnier

# the very much flawed MC who is all the more loveable for it

# the too perfect depiction of tumblr -- I know where you haunt now, Heidi Belleau. Everything about tumblr was perfect, the way the hash tags are like another message, how there's cowardly anons trying to bring you down, the valiant sweethearts who rush to defend you, the visceral reaction you have when you receive hate messages. As I said, brilliant. I've seen it happen, and anyone who's been on tumblr has seen it too.

# the sweet and most-than-a-bit awkward fumblings of highschool-turned-college love

# the underlying message to take pride in who you are, and, as we young ones say it #YOLO #haters gonna hate

# the inclusion and message about bullying: it sucks and can fuck up people's lives

# it was just plain awesome

Okay, I'm going to end this review before I get carried away with the hashtags. But just -- NGH (sound born of all my feels mashed up into one)

Rating: 4.5 stars