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Building With Worn-Out Tools - Lomonaaeren There aren't many books that I've dropped so quickly. In fact, there's never been a book I've dropped in the first 20% or so, but honestly, I guess I'm really anal when it comes to Drarry. Drarry is my baby, I've loved it, cried for it and gone through shit tons of pain for it, so I suppose that's the reason I'm a bit nitpicky. It's not badly written, quite contrary to that actually, but the characters feel so.. wrong? It feels like the author has tried to stay true to the characters, yet add their own spin or just damn failed. I'd like to think I'm open minded, and I truly don't mind if they go off tangent when it comes to the characters (I've read Harrymort, and yepp, Harry's either a sex kitten or evil!Harry in them), but the characters feel so half assed and unrealistic and that just annoys me. I really think this is just a me thing though, so I definitely wouldn't discourage it, however, this really didn't work for me. Take it as you will.