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Raincheck - Sarah Madison Lol.

Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. It's just, it's so out of the norm, you know? Demons, vampires, werewolves, fairies/faeries,and even goblins-- psht. Been there, done that. I thought I'd sort of seen it all you know?

Then BAM!

Here comes a gargolye.

Anyway, in regards to the story, I thought it was a very sweet and short little novella. Very good to pass time when you're bored/lonely/grieving between angst-filled books.

I think, one of the main reasons this didn't get a four or five stars was because of the whole gargoyle shmazzle. I have nothing against gargolyes, it's just that sometimes I couldn't help but cringe at some of things I read. It's not that there was some intense or extremely cringe-worthy scenes, it's just that when I tried to imagine a gargoyle doing some of that shit I sort went all Woah woah. Back off a bit lad. I need to process some shit. I mean seriously, imagine a gargoyle (but turned to life, and fleshy with all blood and shit), masturbating. Can you? I can't. And when I tried it was like, again, Woah woah. Back off a bit lad. I need to process some shit.

Which also brings me to another point. I could not imagine what Rodney looked like. It's not that Sarah Madison didn't provide sufficient description or anything. I just-- I just couldn't imagine him like being intimate with David. I felt so. . . weird and a bit uncomfortable reading it.

But aside from that I thought it was such a cute story, and I definitely wouldn't deter you from reading it if it caught your eye. It was a nice in-between story.