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Changeling Moon - E.E. Ottoman This was an okay, story. Short and quite sweet.

I think the biggest problem I had with it, was the characters. Not that they were annoying or had some problem or something. It's just that they felt like they would be MCs of a much longer book, or maybe even series.

Their -I don't know what to call it- species? or whatever was something I don't bump into much in M/M Romance, so it would be much more suitable for them to star in a longer book where I can properly appreciate them.

Our lovely character Dyer apparently "practices a form of forbidden Mesopotamian magic which runs the high likelihood of killing me". Now that sounds really interesting. But nothing more can be explained because it's meant to be a short short novel.

Bran is a fae changeling. And I don't know if it's actually common knowledge which is used in urban fantasy nowadays, but since when could fae feed on magic, "sucking it straight out of another creature and taking it as their own". And not only that, he has some pretty intense cravings which would be an awesome excuse for kinky kinky sex.

That's mostly what bugged me. I mean, though the plot was very bland (in a sense that the only plot really was to get them together), the characters had interesting backgrounds. Which is really awesome.

Apart from that, I did enjoy this book.