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Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - T. Baggins This was quite a good book. It was a pleasant and satisfying read, though one where you have to suspend your disbelief.

Surprisingly enough, there was more depth and substance in Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) than I had originally thought, before I had started. Honestly, let's face it, Andrew is an aspiring actor who is straight decides to play gay escort. To a senator. Hmmmmm. But going into it, you can see that there is a somewhat deeper thinking process involved in the creation of this book.

Some important issues and good messages are incorporated and delivered in a not-so shoddy manner, though I wouldn't say that the writing was particularly good.

The characters were actually quite likable and it isn't hard to sympathise and understand their emotions and decisions, even if you don't like it (Yes, I'm talking to you Cormac, you one-time dick). The secondary characters were developed nicely, each having their own personal journey to trudge through.

There were some problems I had with this book though. For one, it took a long-ass time to be drawn in, and actually feel invested in the book and its characters (which is why I took much longer than usual to read it). Another however, is the sudden death of Marie. I knew she was going to die, I mean, let's face it, you could predict that from the very beginning. But it honestly felt that one moment she was there, and the next, BAM! She's a goner. Though it was understood that her condition was worsening, the writing was very abrupt when it came to the actual scene of her death. And not only that, I couldn't give two shits that she died. I literally laughed. I think that was part confusion as well, but I'm pretty sure death of an important character should not make you laugh.

Other than that, the only failings this book had that jumped out to my was the lack of 'WOW' factor and sheer mediocrity of the book. It had average writing, with a solid plot, but it just lacked the power to make a spark. But it was also nicely wrapped up with a heart warming end. Lovely stuff.

Overall Rating: 3.5