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Dark Heart - Thom Lane Despite the cover and title, this is a decidedly un-dark read. I suppose as far as Gaymance goes, it's also a bit of a strange read. It's romance, yet I'm not sure you can soundly classify as that. When it comes to slavery in M/M Romance, there's usually that certain point in the book when social class, differences or anything really don't matter in the face of their love.In that respect, Dark Heart is different. The gap between their social classes is there and even at the end of the book, it's almost certainly clear that the gap will always be there.

In saying that though, it seems logical to think that this is a pretty intense, depressing read. But it's not really (and this is coming from a fluff addict). They both understand their position and the relationship (though I hesitate to call it that) works. Though it seems almost crude to call this thing between them love. I certainly don't know any couples who would use each other as a payment to the gateway of hell-- literally.

In the end, their relationship is one of slave and master, with a maybe-love on both sides. Tam says he loves Lucan, but honestly, it feels more like master-worship to me. Also, the tone of the book itself is pretty fluffy.

Overall it's a good and interesting read. Incredibly light-weight and easy to whiz through.