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Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe I adored this book to death! I just wanted to snuggle my kindle so damn hard after reading this, especially with the gorgeous fuzzy afterglow reading this gave me.

It's all kinds of kinky and romantic.

Evan is a doctor. Well, technically, a forced-to-retire kind of doctor. But either way, it's a perfectly awesome set-up for the kinkiest Doctor games in M/M history (because who wouldn't love to play hospital with a doctor who's all shades of sexy).

And Jamie is-- well. Jamie likes calling Evan a perv. And Jamie's 'not gay'. But of course, we all know Jamie's in denial, and anyone with a sound mind can tell that Jamie's obviously the real pervert in this relationship.

Despite being an obvious comfort read, Not His Kiss To Take does start off with a rather heart-wrenching beginning. Aanndd the plot really isn't really all about sex, which should be a relief -or disappointment (I'm not judging you. :D)- to readers. But speaking of sex, it is hot. As in face flushed, wide eyes and body squirming kind of hot (so have fun with that!).

I think the only iffy thing about this book, was when it kind of felt like the end at one point, so I actually did expect the book to be closing soon (despite being around 80% ish), or it to at least go to the epilogue. But then the plot kind of continued, and some of the problems that I thought were solved cropped up again. Looking back it kind of made sense that those problems weren't quite fully resolved, but it still felt so final, the continuation of the story of a bit of a jolt.

Anyway, iffy thing -which didn't really even take enjoyment from the lovely read- aside, this was a wonderfully sweetly romantic and sexy read! It's not all smushy fluff (sigh. tis okay. I just love fluff too much), but it is something I'd count as a sweet 'n' smooth read.

"Jump with me?"


"Yeah okay, Dr. Ruined-Me-For-Anyone-Else, I'll jump with you. But hang on, 'cause I jump higher than anything you've ever seen."