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Enraptured - Scarlet Hyacinth Rating: 2.5/2.75 or somewhere in between.

I was very much unimpressed with this, but, I was kind of expecting (and hoping) that it would be a kind of stupid, mindless read, so that's okay.

It wasn't bad, to be honest, just okay. Or a bit under okay.

It did have it's moments where it touched me in all the right places (sadness when sadness needed to be there, laughter when I should laugh, etc). Of course, speaking of laughter, I did laugh at the book at inappropriate moments. But that's okay.

Iffy iffy:

This is a really stupid thing to be iffy over, and there are so many other things I could focus on in this section, but hey, my reviews are pretty quirky at times.

So, what I really really wanted to happen was for Gabriel to give birth in this book.

Yeah, that's my iffy section.

Verdict: Light, kind of useless read which has abuse, but nothing that can't be handled.