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Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux I don't feel a burning desire to read this (Thank god. . . I wouldn't be able to handle it) since the last book ended on a wonderful note!


I love Ty and Zane. Well and truly honest to god love. As in if there was an opening for a threesome, I would be there willing and ready (clothes off and everything) in a heartbeat.

My psychotic tendencies aside, this really was such a wonderful book. To me, this had more of a focus on their relationship and families. The plot was still quite action-y, but the book was more slow and steady and very much romantically mellow.

It may sound strange when I say this, but I loved that they loved each other so much, and they continued to tell each other over and over again. It was definitely a huge highlight of this book, especially since they went through so much to get to this point..

I absolutely adore both of their families, except for one exception of course. Zane's mum is like the big bad bitch of the west. For one brief moment, I actually thought she was gonna turn around and actually accept them. I kind of pity her at times, but the other times? ARGH.

This was really such a wonderful wonderful read.

Rating: 4.5 STARS

Okay, Ty fans don't kill me okay (because I love Ty too! :( ) but I hate that Ty is so... special. Okay, this sounds stupid, but Ty is... everything. He was the Marine version of blackops, an all round badass (who is apparently more badass than Zane), can speak hundreds of languages, great actor and profiler, tracker, prisoner of war (I hate to add this to the "special" list, but be honest, it does add a layer to the whole tortured hero thing), he has this weird kitty connection, and just all shades of special and amazing, really.

In this book Ty was the one fighting, in the line of fire, talking with cats (not exactly true, but close enough), fighting all the baddies, stuck under a flaming car and etc.

I love, love, love, love Zane and I know he's a special ducky. But URGH I want it to show.

I have this scenario and daydream I suppose, where Zane is insecure, and then this shit finally gets addressed, because, I really really want that to happen.

Okay, now I'm going to stop, and then lay low from goodreads for awhile to hide from rabid fan girls.