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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley I hope I'm not scaring my goodreads friends by reading two straightmances consecutively. I promise you, it won't happen again, haha.

Mystery Man. To be honest, I don't even know where to start. There is so much so say, so much to rant and also much to praise, I suppose.

I was almost convinced from the very beginning that there should've been a "Harem" tag on this, because seriously, four.fucking.guys. who all seem to be madly infatuated with her. (Thankfully, you can tell that one is obviously her "true love", the other has been friend zoned for around a decade, and the other two seem to be there just to spice things up and give the occasional aid.)

Also right from the beginning I could tell that the weren't going to be any tears of angst shed on my part. I mean, straightmance can be rather predictable at times. I don't think anyone can contradict that.

Enter the heroine.

Sassy woman with attitude and great boobies and arse. Manages to seduce every man in the vicinity. But, of course, being the demure little lass she is, she doesn't know that by flipping her hair, she just gave them all boners.

Our hero.

The most delicious alpha-y male the author's mind could conjure. 20-pack is a must. Oh, and he has to be able to seduce all females in the vicinity. And being the cocky, delicious alpha he is, he damn well knows he does. Not to mention he has to be a god, one way or another, whether it be in bed, on the battlefield, or an actual god

The plot.

Somewhere in the middle of the middle, or the end of the middle, or the beginning of the end, there must be the great break up. Of course, followed by the great make up, followed by the great proposal and sometimes followed by a surprise baby. (Oh wait, it's gaymance that has the surprise babies.)

Aaaannd yupp. This book did follow the magical straightmance guidebook. But it also did touch my heart in all the right places (at the very end, especially), and did make my heart pitter latter and my loins clench and what not. So I guess, as unoriginal as it is, it was still a wonderfully mindless and fun read.

Rating: a bit less than three stars