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Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander First things first, thought I don't exactly find reading daddy kinks exactly panty ripping, it doesn't repel me enough to be counted as 'out of my comfort range'.

However, in saying that, I am actually kind of rethinking that now that I've read this. It was so... *shudder*. All I'm going to say is, how the fuck can you (poo) in front of someone and still see them the same way? Hypothetically, if I were to ask you to (poo) in front of me and we were dating, and you did, and then I said "Nope, you ain't wipin your ass. Jump in the shower, I'll wash it for you." Would you dump me? Or at least protest? I mean, I would dump me.

Then again, it's all about preferences I suppose. But all I can imagine is this brown shit trailing down my leg and dirtying the shower water.

Also, can I ask you, when you go to (poo) do you usually clean your ass after or before you flush?

I don't know why no one mentioned the shit play in their review, actually, and I'm actually very close to believing that entire scene wrong (I've been sick so I'm just lazing around and reading half heartedly).

Another thing I think is appropriate to mention, is how angel leapt into Kael's arms two seconds after the man killed someone (even if it was someone Angel hated). This fool just watched a man kill his stepfather, and the moment that man opened his goddamn arms it was like Angel thought that the opening of his arms was like the gates of heaven were opening of something, when really, it's more like the gates of hell. YOU FOOL.

Anyway apart from the shitting and inappropriate leaping:
-plot was so and so
-romance was shallow and a bit unbelievable
-characters felt unrealistic

Anyway, this book made for an.. Interesting read. (In a good way, this is meant to be a positive point).