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Hammer & Air - Amy Lane I cannot express into words how beautiful, sad, and emotionally taxing reading this book was. The relationship between Eirn and Hammer (Graeme) was just too beautiful, and it was clear that from the start they loved each other deeply, and, as time went by in the book, their love only grew and blossomed as they learned more and more about each other and themselves.

I truly can't tell you how heartbreakingly bittersweet the ending was. And fuck. I was crying so bloody much. Literally, I have never cried so much for a book, I don't know if I was feeling rather emotional that day or what, but I cried so hard. Then I reread the ending straight after and cried again. Just as hard. Then I was complaining to a friend how sad I felt because of the book, then cried again because I thought of it. Then I explained the story to my friend and cried. For the fourth time. In the span of about 10 or less hours, and for the same book.

Tell me that isn't a record.

Anyway, this book is DEFINITELY recommended for any who enjoy this genre, and even those who may want to try it (though the sex isn't exactly mild).

Now excuse me while I mope over this book.