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Special Forces - Soldiers (Special Forces, #1) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan That ( spoiler link ) is not really a spoiler, but just my "currently-reading (and dying)" review. It's just cleaner this way.

Sigh. To be honest I started this a while ago. As in maybe a few months ago. I just didn't want to add it to my currently reading. And yes, I haven't finished.

-don't shoot me!-

Is the story bad? Fuck no.

Is the writing bad? Fuck no.

Is anything bad? Hell to the fucking no.

Jesus stop asking all these questions, it's stressing me out!!

^ As you can see above, I've quite lost my mind thinking about this book.

Well, how to explain my lack of enthusiasm. Well, to be blunt, I'm a fucking romantic. The Oh! Romeo, Romeo! Sweep my off my feet with a white unicorn with glossy hair and please, whisk me away to a castle that takes up half a bloody continent and woo me until the break of dawn type of girl.

Yes. I know what you're thinking.

Gurrll. What are you even thinking, trying to read this?

I don't know either. I'm actually really enjoying it. Ish. I would like more romance and fluff. And maybe a bit more happiness.

Okay, okay. I would like a lot more fluff and romance and happiness. So what. I CAN DO THIS.

Just you wait. . .

I shall finish this and scoff in the face of all you unbelievers. . .


What an auspicious day this is.

Sorry I'm just feeling rather dramatic right now.

I finally finished!

I feel like I'm in the scene at the very end of [b:Captive Prince Volume Two|17158513|Captive Prince Volume Two (Captive Prince, #2)|S.U. Pacat|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1356027904s/17158513.jpg|23581952] where everyone found out that Damen is Prince Damianos, but instead of chanting "He lives. The King's son lives. Damianos.", they're saying "She did it. She finished the book. She did it."

And then, of course, they proceed to bow down to my greatness.

It's kind of strange referencing to Captive Prince in this review, but also scarily fitting at the same time. Both fucked me over, both are unhappy and frankly, a pretty painful read, on a whole.

I'm trying to figure out how to explain this book in a sort-of-not-really concise manner. My hatred, my love, difficulties, and such.

So, to be blunt.

Up to 50%- I'm pretty sure I wrote the in-progress review (above) before I even reached the 50% mark. And evidently, it drove me nuts. I can't even recall the number of times I would just finish a particular scene, stare at the ebook for another 20 minutes, and then check goodreads to see if it was still under the "M M Romance" tag.

Where was the romance?

No, really. Do tell me.

To be frank, reading the beginning was difficult, painful, unappealing and I'm pretty sure scarring can be added to that list as well. WHERE IS MY FLUFF?

60% ish - around 90%- This is where it earned the shelves "adored" and "holy-fucking-swoon". This part totally blew my mind. Before this point, I didn't even think the word "love" would be thrown in, at all, to be honest. And then this section was just so mind blowingly beautiful. The oh so tangible love, feelings, desperation. Fuck, it tugged on my heart, and juggled it so goddamn skilfully.

After 90% or so- God fricken damn it. After lulling my into this romantic bubble of happiness, the book, of course, decided to fuck with me again. The oh so addictive angst was thrown in, tears sneakily slipping out on a few (more than few. . ) occasion. It tore my heart.

And the ending.

Does it sound very nasty if I say I'm kind of glad Vadim got kidnapped? Because honestly, I prefer that over the whole "We will meet again, some day, some how" (no you will not fucking meet again, you fools, and we all know it). Well, as nasty as it is, I am so. damn. glad.


Anyway, I didn't think I'd be continuing this series. But you know what? I think for once I'm gonna man up and take that goddamn anti-angst, anti-pain stick out of my ass and Soldier on.

LoL, "soldier" on. That was so bad.

I am so desperately wishing for their Happily Ever After. But I feel kind of wary about even using the word happy. It feel like SAS soldiers and Spetsnaz are going to pop out from behind me with guns blazing and scream "WHO SAID THE WORD HAPPY".I don't even have my pepper spray near me right now.


I read some reviews of Mercenaries.

Dan the Dick, here I come.