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Prey - Andrea Speed Overall I think this was quite an interestingly unique world that made for entertaining reading. It is very non-explicit, with the small tidbits of foreplay described, but the sex itself more insinuated than anything. The love between them was very real and tangible. They both have had hard lives, have issues and secrets kept (which I was incredibly frustrated about).

I did find myself skimming at times though, which made the mysteries all the more harder to understand, as there were many names and connections being introduced and made which I had absolutely no clue about. I had to backtrack a lot to find out who was who. I found myself despairing that the plot line was so solid, because I wanted them to focus more on the romance, which definitely needs some attention.

The thing I'm really blegh about, however, is the ending. god fricken damn it. There better be a HEA waiting for this couple. Really? Heart murmur? And he's even keeping it a secret! ARGH. Men. I won't say much about it, but it's not a bad ending or anything. It ended on a pleasant note, however, there are unresolved issues that are definitely sure to trip them up. And throw them off. Maybe into a chasm. A dark dark ravine. . . Gah. Frustrated.