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A Thread of Deepest Black - Finn Marlowe At first when I was reading the book I was really iffy about it. The first sex scene started early and lasted to about 30% and I wasn't really quite sure what was going to happen and where this book would take me and I wasn't really too fond of the characters as well.

But then near about 50% I really warmed up to the book. The action started, the book and characters really started grabbing me.

I adore Killian. To death. Seriously.

They were just too amazing and sweet with each other and I found myself smiling rather goofily. I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters as well-- especially the brief moment with the Prince of Thorns. I would love! for there to be a book about him.

Overall this really is quite an enthralling -albeit slightly dark- read, featuring a bit of BDSM (which is actually a vital part of the story) and some pretty squeal worthy characters.

The beginning may seem a bit hmm to you, but honestly it's worth getting past that.