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The Servant - Mary Calmes I actually stressed over as to what I should put as the rating for this book. There were times i was like, hmm 3 Stars and a mention that it may be more around 3.5. Or maybe 3.75 with 4 Stars as the official rating.

Well anyway. 3.75 it is.

A In-The-Three's Star rating may sound low, but in actuality it, The Servant was actually a pretty good book. Unfortunately, not much more than that. While I enjoyed certain aspects of it, I also disliked some, or just found others rather mediocre.

One of my biggest (and it isn't really even that big) grievances was at the beginning, with all the sudden foreign terms, words and places all chucked in. With no explanation whatsoever. We were just thrown into the world of ____ (as you can see, none of the names actually stuck with me. Huh.). But apart from that, I rather thought the world was pretty unique in some ways, and nicely built. This probably can't even be classified as a "grievance" because really, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just me. It was late and I was tired but I wanted to just finish this goddamn book. And not exactly for all the right reasons too.

Which leads me to another point. No, the book wasn't bad so I wanted to be rid of it quickly. It's just that a while in, I could tell that I'd enjoy but not love this book. I knew I'd think it was "okay" and never really look back. So I really just wanted to finish this book and be done with it. Not in a bad way, but because it just didn't really strike any chord with me.

There was nothing in the book that was really "exciting" to be honest. There were times when I sort of drifted off while reading and conjured up some incredibly sexy, angsty scenario with Daemon and Gareth in my mind. And at times that was more interesting then what was happening at the time.

Overall however, I actually enjoyed The Servant quite a lot, and if it managed to catch your eye, by all means, read and enjoy. As someone said, this was a solid fantasy novel and quite a fun read.