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A Chip in His Shoulder - L.A. Witt 3.5

One of the things that made this a good read was the world that was built in this book. The introduction of mods (not that it's exactly original) in an M/M novel, the futuristic money hoarding companies which produce those mods, and the Gutter was thrilling to read. And what's even more intriguing is the presence of Vampires. I wish that was more elaborated on. It felt like there wasn't enough background given on that, so it felt kind of out of place and a bit weird. But it's such an interesting addition to a world like this. It didn't seem to me like vampires were feared as monsters, but rather maybe more as just very influential, power people.

The characters were likable, and the romance sweet, though not as tangible and fleshed out as I want.

It's a short and sweet ride, and a perfectly relaxing bed read.