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A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper This is almost romance in its purest form. And it is a gorgeous gorgeous love story.

Obviously, it has fantasy in it, seeing as it has the word "dragon" in its title. But this book is a slow, beautiful, gradual build up to a classic Happily Ever After. With dragons and all.

All of the world, the history of dragons across cultures, it all fascinated me. And I adored Bertie, especially with how much he adored Arthur. It was all just so *happy shudder* goddamn lovely. I adored this book to bits.

“Lovely creatures,” he whispered at last, and 
then shuddered so much that Arthur saw it from the corner of his eye. “But yech, no. No, pet, I do not like women.

I know how you feel Bertie. I have the same reaction whenever I see women as a love interest in gaymance novels.

"At the risk of sounding like a fairy, you, my 
darling boy, are quite shiny."

Facts About Dragons:

12. They define treasure as anything that they
love, and love deeply.

Rating: 4.25