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Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean It was pretty hard for me to get into the swing of this. At 30% I had already planned out my review, all my complaints and also my rating. That was how set I was on my opinion of this book. At one point I was actually annoyed enough for my gangster, teenage self to come out. My mind was raging, saying things like "Imma so sick of yo face yo". (I'm a pretty unconvincing ghetto teenager. I had originally asked a friend to help me 'gangsterise' the phrase 'I'm so sick of your face'. Instead, she said 'Oh, just punch them. That's the gangster way." I think I forgot to tell her this was for a review.)

It was some pretty harsh times, reading this book. But of course, things got better and I got more into it (I'm not even sure if it was a problem with the book itself, or the problem just originated from me). Granted, there were still some pretty ridiculous moments. I mean, I have trouble believing the whole spy, secret agent, FBI, CIA premises and whatnot, but it was even harder with this book, in my opinion. There was a lot of contrived drama with what seemed to be a lot of unnecessary killing and stupid stupid things.

And not only that, I'm so confused as to why the fuck there aren't any female agents in WBIS, nor are there any woman in high administrative positions. Not only that, the WBIS tells even secretaries who to date (to gather information) yet they aren't even given any sort of recognition.

I know that the POV shifts was difficult to go on board with for some people, but I didn't mind it as much as others. It was actually rather interesting, replaying the exact same scene except in another perspective.

The characters are also hard to like. At first they're rather flat and bland, but once you go further into the book and get to know them, you also start rooting for their romance. I finished the book liking the characters, but nothing more or less. I may or may not go on, just to see their romance develop.

Overall, it's a pretty solid read that's a bit of a hit and miss.

Rating: around 3.5