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Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare This is it.

I think this is the one

BDSM fans, you win. I submit.

I'm probably not making much sense, but this is maybe one of the best BDSM books I've read in a long time, or maybe forever. I usually only tolerate or just "meh" the BDSM parts of some books, or, at the most, I enjoy it but couldn't have cared less if it was without the BDSM parts. But this. . .


For example:-

Me normally when I'm reading a great book and don't want to socialise:

"Sorry guys, something came up and I really need to go. Sorry, I'll make up for it later"

Me while I'm reading Duck!:

"I can't do it. Can't stop thinking about chains and whips and hot avian sex with a certain hawk. Oh god. I'm hallucinating. Why are you holding a whip? Oh my god."

Well, probably not as extreme, but I admit it was pretty damn close to that.

Yes, I did enjoy this sort of genre beforehand, but not so much that I loved it, or liked it enough to risk low rated ones that sound a bit iffy (as I do all the time with normal M M). However this. Wow. If there are other books like this, it's a drop everything and go go go.

To the more sane parts of my review:

To me, this was a perfect blend of BDSM and love. And the magical thing is, the author didn't even have to dampen the BDSM part of it. It was just right.

I loved the whole world Ms Dare built and the writing was so flowy and magical and I definitely loved the light plot, though it was mostly centered on the submissive/dominant relationship. Which is fine by me.

So lovely.

Anyway, this is a perfect book for BDSM fans, or those who wish to be converted or just want a little taste. The BDSM is not exactly hardcore, and involves no sort of humiliation of any drastic or extreme sort, which I know can be rather painful to read.