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Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling The reviews about how dark and angsty this book is are kinda scaring me off.

(unashamed fluff reader)


I had every right to be scared. This book is very much brutal and dark, and so are the characters. Yet somehow, amidst all that darkness and crap, a truly beautiful, tangible relationship managed to bloom.

This is a book about every angsty, heart wrenching emotion you can probably name; despair, trauma, pain, fear. But it's also about new beginnings, overcoming those things and rebirth, as Lynn Kelling so aptly puts it.

This is a pretty fucked up book, with twisted emotions and characters in a very much I'll-fuck-you-over-twice-no-make-that-thrice world. And somehow, through all that fucked up shit, a relationship, that'll almost certainly stay with me years after this book, was born.