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Intercession - Pepper Espinoza I'm quite at loss as to how to review this, honestly. I had already finished it two days ago, but due to circumstances, I postponed the reviewing and rating of this book until now. I regret that now. Sometimes, it's best to write a review whilst you're still bathing in the afterglow of wonderfulness. And it truly is that-- wonderful.

The plot was solid and definitely intriguing, with various twists and turns (a lot of which resulted in angry pouting...). Not only that, one of the things that really pushed this book up there for me, and made it all the more fabulous, was the characters. Having an angel, vampire and an itty bitty human thrown into the mix can allow for a lot of over-the-top, cliche and flat characterisation but I loved the characters. I thought they were wonderfully built, and reacted and acted in a way that actually made sense and didn't seem forced and I was seriously pleased. And apart from all those stupid technicalities, I was just plain fond of these characters. There were only a few characters that I was unsure about I'm not so sold on his brother, honestly. I thought his character was a bit contrived, but necessary to the plot, I suppose..

Following on from characters, I feel the need to specially mention how God was portrayed. I have never been 100% sold on how God is portrayed (in all of the different books and in different ways), and I probably never will. However, I found that in Intercession, while I still wasn't exactly comfortable, it was still (relatively) believable and didn't divert my attention from the book much. Some books choose to portray God as really 'in', and hip, with the slang and all the shebang. I really really hate that, especially when it's overdone and frankly, it feels blasphemous despite the fact I'm not even Christian (I'm not even sure how that works), it just feels disrespectful. Others choose to portray him closer to tradition: all knowing, all powerful and it's usually incredibly cheesy and cringe worthy. But I like the fact that in Intercession, God safely on the right side of 'modern' (without being seeming juvenile, or ridiculous) and definitely didn't stray into the realm of discomfort for me.

Something else I found absolutely delightful was the writing. It flowed smoothly, quite descriptive and definitely a joy to read. Not only that, there was this wonderful sense of reverence that seemed to radiate off the words. And not in the religious sense either. Every kiss, touch and moment together contained this reverence, this sense worship for love and all of these warm and stunning emotions. It made what was already some pretty great sex scenes (yes, the sex scenes were hot, heh) much more profound and meaningful.

Overall I adored this book. It was definitely a good read with a strong plot and a wonderful romance backed up by equally wonderful characters and just plain loveliness. There has to be a sequel coming (I refuse to believe otherwise, even if it hasn't popped up on goodreads yet) and I eagerly (and impatiently) await my chance to read it. The set up for the next book just about killed me.

Rating: 4.5 STARS