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Dragon Slayer - Isabella Carter Dragon Slayer is a lovely and sweet read, one with more storyline and depth than I had previously imagined. I had started reading with the idea that this would be some happy-go-lucky fluff, however what I got was, well.. more I suppose. Of course, this novel was not some dark and gritty story, it was still quite fluffy, however it had a solid and somewhat intriguing storyline that most definitely hints at a sequel.

Although this book is obviously fantasy, its taste is somewhat different to what one might expect from fantasy, or more strictly, M/M fantasy. Of course, if you're a fan of LT3 like me, this taste is by familiar, and tinged with fondness on my part. The world was no surprise, but the building of it was solid and strong.

The romance itself was a slow and gentle development, one that of course brings many delighted smiles to mind. The characters, though they may not be the most amazing or my favourites, well likeable enough and I certainly would consider reading the sequel with them in it.

This is quite an enjoyable read, one that may be easy to put down, but lovely nonetheless.

Rating: 3.5

Recommendation: neutral; if you're interested, go for it!