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Wings - J.C. Owens I've read quite a few slave/master prisoner type books, but I still don't see how any form of true love could have developed in this. I mean, in other slave/master/prison books, the master was at least kind in some way, and showed true consideration and was actually fucking careful in bed with them at least. So I believe it when, in those books, they love each other.

But this?


I don't understand.

What Vanyae felt at first was insta-obsession. Which somehow turned into love though all Anyar did, really, was lay there be fucked. Sorry for the brutal wording but it's true.

And maybe Anyar's love was a bit more believeable, since he started liking Vanyae after that guy somehow developed this supposed love for him, and then started being more considerate and gentle and kind.

But really? I think I would've preferred that Anyar would've ended up with the commander. At first, I was so confused being I was deadset on the being between Anyar and the Commander (I forgot his name), but then I went back to check on goodreads and it was Vanyae? And then I thought there would be some sort of epic battle between Vanyae and the Commander and then suddenly that's all taken away when the Commander and Anyar and taken away and separated. . . and then suddenly there's no mention of the Commander till later.

Then I really hated it when the Commander was suddenly made out to be the bad guy the Owens and everything when really, he had every right to have this prejudice towards the Nazarians, even if he seemed a bit fanatical. Okay, so that wrong was sort of "righted" after the Commander saw that Vanyae "truly loved" Anyar, but I still didn't like it.

Besides that, I still thought it was quite an enjoyable book. Perhaps, if you enjoy this genre, you might want to try something like Duck! or something, but if this book has caught your eye, I definitely wouldn't discourage you from reading it. It is, as I said, quite enjoyable.