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No Boundaries - Alex Mar My reaction to the prompt picture:

*stares in confusion*
What is this...

*eyes widen*
Oh. Oh

*starts staring again in hunger*
Just a few more seconds, I promise...


I admit, I do so love tentacle kink. In fact, it's right up there with Mpreg (hello depravity, old friend) and so when I discovered this delicious little snack, I couldn't click fast enough; my poor computer couldn't keep pace with my desperation, hah.

In reading No Boundaries I was delighted by the wonderful writing, threadbare yet somehow wholly sufficient world-building and the delicious vulnerability of Commander Inna. I admit that when I saw the words "THE END" I cried out involuntarily in dismay. I was so looking forward to an extended sex scene... *glare*

I would happily, happily welcome an extended story. And pay for it. Happily. (Oh my god I'm begging you)

Fun fact: Barbie Mariposa the Fairy princess was being advertised on the side. Tentacle sex & Barbie... *ponders* Yeah, that makes sense. *snort*