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Door at the End of Summer - Jaime Samms To make make weird ramblings easier to understand in context, Door at the End of Summer is a story about an already established couple who escaped their demons by moving to what they hope to be a more accepting town. A town that also includes the lovely Alistair. A somewhat tenuous yet certainly real relationship sparks between the three of them, however there is always a thread of uncertainty because personally, I honestly didn't know where this was going.

This was quite different.

I wouldn't exactly call this a fun and entertaining read. The main characters didn't manage to evoke much fondness; however, they were intriguing and it was enthralling to learn and explore these characters and especially the incredibly unique dynamics of their BDSM relationship.

The BDSM aspect of their relationship didn't really sparked any fires downtown, however it certainly appealed to me in a more emotional and analytical sense. The established couple - a substantial portion of the story is focused on their relationship - played a large part in my struggles. I never really 'got' their dynamics and what made them tick and at times I felt myself doubt functionality of their relationship (plus with the added Alistair), however it was a tangible and and certainly loving relationship-- just one that I could never truly understand.

Although the romance was rather unconventional, I'll admit that the ending was still unexpected. Very unexpected. Of course silly ol' Vivian was hoping was a very nice, conventional HEA. Not to be misleading or anything, because it wasn't a sad ending. The title is really quite fitting. This book was a journey, and at the end of that journey, a Door was reached and opened and some things had to be left behind. I'll admit that I didn't like the ending-- nor did I dislike it however. In the end, this romance was a stepping stone that can't be revisited, yet still it left a remarkable imprint. It left me with a sense of sadness for the things lost, but also with hope for a bright future.

Rating: 3.25 - 3.5