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An Angelic Meeting - Vicktor Alexander As much as I dislike being so blunt, this story's only saving grace would be the fact that it's free and sweet, overweight fucked-over-by-life Blake Marks. It was quite a pleasure reading his POV, despite my dislike of the story and plot itself.

I suppose that the premise of the whole angel thing could've been interesting, however it was so poorly constructed and full of holes that it only appeared to be an amateur attempt to create a clever spin on the bible/angel mythology (or whatever you call it). And the whole mating thing.. it sounds more like slavery than true love. The angel dude (whatever his name is) fucked Blake before he told him the possibility of pregnancy and the fact that they were 'mates' and that he was an angel and well.. before he told Blake anything in fact.

This whole thing sounds an awful lot like those het-PNR where there's a jabillion of brothers (9 in this case, I think) and each book is based on them going on their merry way finding mates while battling evil. Not that I'm completely against that kind of book... it's just I prefer cliches to be done well.

Though, the whole middle name + surname G. Uardian. *groan* Guardian Angels. G. Uardian. Kill me now.

To end on a positive note... The writing didn't strike me as bad and Blake was quite endearing. I know that I was ranting like hell, but honestly this is my personal opinion and the ratings are quite high, so I suggest you look into others' opinion.