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I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir - Josh Kilmer-Purcell

An appalling and mesmerising train wreck and beautifully tragic.


I Am Not Myself These Days is a raw and powerful glimpse into Josh Kilmer-Purcell's life, rich with humour, vodka and glittered drag queens. Through the eyes of Josh and his drag queen counterpart, Aqua, a story of horrific, cringe-worthy wince-inducing fuck ups is told, laced with even more fucked up humour. And although I did not entirely enjoy Kilmer's prose at times, I could not tear my eyes away, even through the involuntary flinches that came as the story unravelled. But above all that, it was the painfully, beautifully destructive love between the misfits that were Josh, Aqua and Jack that truly enthralled me. The three of them stole my heart and broke it; even as I cradle the shattered, jagged pieces, I know that I will never forget the love that was formed and eternalised in the glittering high rises and square square boxes of New York City.


Rating: I cannot help but flounder in this section. I did not enjoy it-- it gave me little joy-- but it hypnotised me and swept me away and crushed me. So I will leave with a tenuous 3.5 stars, but that rating is as inconsistent as the flickering starlight scattered across the night sky.



Edit: *groan* I slip into purple prose when I'm emotional... Sorry.