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Thick as Thieves - Tali Spencer

Humorous and more than a little wacky

We were all drawn in by the ridiculous blurb -- don't even try to deny it. Thick as Thieves is as bizarre as the blurb suggests, but at the same time, it is a well created novel -- something people may forget or overlook because of the gigantic elephant in the room wearing a unicorn horn (i.e. the silliness of it all) which understandably outshines nearly everything else. 

This fantasy novel is an easy and light-hearted adventure to follow, and even when it deals with relatively dark themes (Madd is bound by an enchanted collar which renders him a sex slave to his enemy), it is executed gently and with humorous relief. The world-building is solid and imaginative with interesting ideas, especially with the use and production of magic (female mages produce magic naturally, males need to consume 'life' i.e. eat living things). 

Although the actual writing and story-telling was average, the characters were a warm surprise. Well-fleshed out and likable, it was fun watching them progress through their quest and relationship. Brutish and simple yet surprisingly (and endearingly) genuine, Vorgell was such a dear. Seriously. And Madd, in his prickly exterior, was a sad character to read about, especially due to the constant rejection and abuse in his life. Together Vorgell and Madd had... interesting dynamics. Fun and humorous banter and surprising (and hot) bedroom dynamics.

Oh, and talk about ignoring another elephant in the room... Unicorn horn = horniness (and boy is that a lame pun) = very fun smut and horniness-induced-situations. Fun fun.

Rating: 3.5 - 3.75