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I, Omega - Kari Gregg

I, Omega is an interesting enough character-driven novel, however with very little substance in the actual plot-- something that was lost in the fast pacing. 

I wish there was more development of not only the setting and back-story, but also of the (intriguing and endearing) secondary characters. The novel is very much centered on Gabriel and Cal and their romantic development, however I feel that a little more elaboration and detail on the surrounding environment and world would have ultimately benefited the story (and wouldn't have detracted much of the fast pace). I would've loved to know more about, for one, Gabriel and what being a human omega really entails (and why other packs are so eager to get their hands on one), pack life, Gabriel's father (who definitely piqued my interest), Cal , and also Gabriel's role in the pack. Thinking on it, we actually know next to nothing about Cal, except maybe his sexual preference and his adoration for Gabriel. And that he's a packleader (though I don't even know if that was explicitly mentioned).

Typical of those of the shifter-subgenre, I, Omega features amate-bond=love-4-eva-n-eva formula. The romantic development (as I dubbed it earlier) usually entailed fucking, fucking, spanking, fucking and very little romance. Even so, their love is still quite... sweet, if a bit illogical. Blame it on themate bond *snort*.

Overall I, Omega is a nice read, especially if you're looking for a smutty read that's light on details but good heart heart.

Rating: 2.75 - 3