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Finder, Volume 1: Target in the Finder - Ayano Yamane NOTE: This is the rating for the whole manga so far (in progress) because I don't really pay attention to volumes and etc.

Okay, there seems to be this thing in Yaoi where they can't seem to have consensual sex the first time round. Maybe it's just the ones I read, but honestly? And in this case it's not even sex with love later on.

These men are pretty fucked, and they need to get their shit (and themselves) together. Finally.

And the beep is with Takara? He's so stupid, reckless, useless and not as hot as Asami. And yet, everyone wants to fuck him. It's like a Mary Calmes novel all over again, except, they don't even like him. He just 'tempts' them.

What even? /facepalm

Sigh. In all seriousness, it's quite a good read, involving lots of non-consensual to dubious-consensual sex, and some probably-consensual sex (though fucking Takara will never admit it). I am just very frustrated with it. The plot is.. Well I'm not sure there is even a main plot except to get those two together, but there are some interesting back stories I want to learn, and also some shippings that I want sailed.