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Daddy's Boy - Isla James Daddy's Boy was a short and sweet story. What started out promising and engaging, fell short after the first chapter. I was really looking forward to meeting the Dom and seeing what kind of character could have inspired the love that was evident in the first chapter, however in meeting him, I was more disappointed than anything.

The flashback (chapter 2) revealed awkward and unnatural dialogue, mainly on the Dom's part, and a flat and awkwardly created scenario that was meant to be the beginning of their relationship and the end of 3 years of longing. The middle could have even better, especially as this is where we watch the building of their relationship's dynamics (which was interesting but could have been executed better) and the fleshing of the characters themselves. There were also sentences here and there which I felt were awkwardly and ineloquently phrased -- especially as it jolted me from the actual story. However, the story did end nicely on chapter 3 (though I admit it also had less dialogue) and we received a very satisfying and sweet ending.

Overall the story was enjoyable, though it definitely could've been touched up. A good read, however, especially since this is the author's first story released.

Rating: 2.5 - 2.75; I look forward to Owen and Micah's story and an expanded version of this story would be welcomed too, especially as I'd like to see more of their dynamics.