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Dracones - S.L. Armstrong, Avery Vanderlyle, D.K. Jernigan, E.R. Karr, E.E. Ottoman, Lor Rose, Megan Derr, Tam Ames I bought this anthology not really knowing what I was going into because I only know two of the authors and I wasn't really sure what I was going to get. In saying that however, I was also really dead set on getting it despite that because hey, it's dragons, and I really really love dragons.

After reading it, I had rather mixed feelings. Sure I was mostly disappointed in the stories, however, I still didn't regret buying it because it was rather enjoyable (though my bias for dragon stories is obviously shining through).

Anyway, a story by story rating:

(you may need to refer to the separate story summaries in the overall blurb to understand what I'm saying)

Fugue in Gold and Fire: 3.75 - 4 STARS

I found this to be one of the better stories. The story is based on already established lovers, and although the romance wasn't brilliantly burning by any means, you felt that their love was genuine. The things I liked was the quality writing and the good world building. I was intrigued about the world for the get-go and this sense of fear for the unknown due to the rise of the Vesti Moon was definitely being conveyed. A really intriguing start to the anthology.

Teller of Tales: 1.5 STARS

Quite flat and unlikable characters and insta-love (though not much you can do about that in an anthology). I didn't really like the dragon angle either. I felt that his character only very superficially matched the ancient and powerful nature of a dragon (if they were even going for that angle at all). There wasn't much originality/research shown (depending on whether the author chose to research for create a new angle).

Weird Magics: 2.75 - 3 STARS

Quite a solid story with an interesting story line and well established setting. Personally I didn't feel much of a connection to the characters or any fondness, but I think that's very individual.

Chanson Commencante de Guerre: 2.5 - 275 STARS

Again quite an interesting world with not only Dragons but Dragon Shifters and a long standing feud between the two races. However I felt like the characters were very superficial and the voice and dialogue was a bit contrived.

Two in the Bush: 2.5 STARS

This was a bit weird.. I'm not sure what to say about this, honestly. It was quite interesting I suppose, but I didn't really like the story line or the characters.

Finding the Rain: 3.75 STARS

This was a really sweet and fun read! It was kind of what I expected from the anthology. A bit fluffy, different angle and some smut haha. I'm not quite sure if I'm that sold on the Ancient China setting (I don't know if that is exactly the correct time period), but it's not like anthologies allow for in-depth descriptions and etc. Though actually, there were some really weird moments where I was kind of a bit wary. I'm not sure if this should be spoiler tagged, but basically Buwei started having dreams about this dragon. Explicit dreams. And I was a bit curious whether it'd cross into the realms of supernatural bestiality (or whatever you want to call it).

Oh, this story is by Tam Ames. I feel the need to mention this, because whenever I see this author, I have to link her book alongside with it.

Lukos Heat: 3.5 STARS

Megan Derr's writing was lovely relief. Not that some stories weren't well written, but just that some stories were not. It was quite interesting because her portrayal of dragons was a bit more.. animalistic? I'm not quite sure what to call it, but the perspective and the voice of the main character (the dragon) made me wince at times, not really because of the personality of the character, just the way he saw things. For example, he would refer to the breeding females of his den as 'bitches' or 'den bitches'. And in no way is it meant to be demeaning or offensive, but perhaps in the way a vet would call a female dog as a bitch. It's just a term, a name. But it did make me wince at times (personally) The story itself was quite good, perhaps not as stand-out as the others, but a satisfying one nonetheless.

{Overall} though I did enjoy taking reading these stories and mentally storing them away in the 'Dragons' archive, as an anthology it probably isn't the best. I wouldn't recommend you to buy it because I don't think it's worth it, but if you love dragons like me, I wouldn't deter you either. Oh and I did find some editing mistakes which bugged me, but didn't really detract from the read too much, though I know that many other people will be annoyed.