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A Stranger in Skoria - John Tristan 2.5

It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't anything special at all, despite the quite original sounding world building. It's dubbed sci-fi, but it isn't as complicated or hard to follow as some usually are, so it's a nice and simple read.

There was one quirk which I wasn't sure if it wasn't well thought out by the author, or I just didn't get it (being the non-intellect I am).

The romance was, well, neh. The story line wasn't really a story line and was rather lacking in substance on a whole, but it's what you would expect a short story like this to have I suppose... And despite being 128 pages, it felt more like it was 50 or 70 pages. And let's just say it's not because time was flying by.

In my opinion, I would say it wasn't worth the buy, however I wouldn't discourage you from buying it either. Sometimes things just don't click for me.