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Spoils of War - Kari Gregg 2.5

Okay I'm just going to jump right into this review.

It wasn't a bad book. Well it was, just not that bad. It wasn't painful or anything to read.

It's just a lot of things niggled me.

At the beginning he was imprisoned and the things that were described like the slavery, bad treatment, rape. It sounded all very horrible. Well if I actually looked at the words it was pretty damn horrible to read. But it didn't actually make me feel anything inside. It didn't feel real to me, so I didn't feel any pity, horror, disgust or anything.

Maybe I'm just a cold-hearted bitch. But really, I should feel something shouldn't I?

And honestly, considering Micah is a man who was held captive for -so and so- years, and sexually abused for about 2 of them, Eli sure did fuck him fast.

And for a lot of the book too.

It was literally just un-sexy sex page after page after page.

But over all I did think there were some good parts to the story, and some scenes were quite sweet.

It's not a horrible book, and I wouldn't advise you away from it, just that there are books I've enjoyed more.