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Moonlight Becomes You - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea 4.75 ish.

I thought this was a wonderful book. Well paced, tense, with a bit of "mystery" which left me hooked right up until near the end.

I always avoided the whole "band" and "music" in general scene but after this book (Moonlight Becomes You, in case you didn't notice) and The Missing Butterfly I'm starting to sort of reconsider this whole "must avoid band based books". Ish.

The only reason I took the .25 off was because of the ending. Well, not exactly the HEA or anything like that. It's just I thought some parts which led to the ending was . . . stupid. I mean yes, Kayden did sort of "betray" Shane. But seriously, he had every right to. And then Shane acts like he's done something huge and big when really, all he did was reciprocate what was done to him. In my opinion Shane fucked him over even more than what Kayden did back to him anyway. So I was pretty pissed when Shane decided that he needed to "think" about it when Kayden went to apologise.

Anyway, that's that. The ending was still very sweet though and overall I enjoyed it all very much.