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Gravitational Attraction - Angel Martinez 4.5 ish. . .

An enthralling sci-fi story about two mentally and physically scarred men.

Isaac is very much the realistic "survivor", with just the right amount to occasional bitterness, but a strength to carry despite the fact many men before him in that same position committed suicide. Turk was so passionate and an absolute sweetie! I adored the fuck out of him.

Though many regard this story as an insta-love, I think it's important to distinguish the fact that it's an insta-lust with love coming very quickly (which may sound pretty damn similar, but at least it's that abrupt. I mean I have absolutely no complaint against insta-lust, and not even that much for insta-love. There are people who you are immediately attracted to and that's that.

The story was nicely paced, good secondary characters and a healthy dose of action.

There were times when I had difficulty understanding the space/spaceship jargon and such, and I had no idea what the hell they were talking about but it wasn't too much of a problem. I very rarely read sci-fi unfortunately.

I also forgot the names of some of the Corzin warriors on various occasions but I sort of just overlooked that and just moved on.

Anyway, overall this was a fabulous book and a very enjoyable read. I recommend it to all those who enjoy this genre.