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Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall Laurel Heights is a incredibly charming book that's fun and fast paced and almost ridiculous at times. I admit that when I first began, I was expecting an incredibly light and easy come easy go kind of book but I was pleasantly surprised.

The murder mystery was engrossing and captivating and managed not only to keep me guessing, but also brought out a strain of fear and tension in me. Alongside the murder mystery was also the case of domestic abuse which, I think, was the biggest emotional factor for me. There was this looming air of suspense for the majority of the novel and honestly (this has never happened to me before), when the sex scenes did come, I was so impatient for them to just stick in and pull it out so the plot could continue. I mean Todd was being abused and just the thought of that hanging over is enough to spoil the steamy mood.

However, despite how entertaining the story is and how engaging the mystery is, there were many flaws which are mentioned in many reviews, one of which is hers. Despite giving (officially) 4-STARS, I do completely agree with everything she mentioned and if you aren't in a particular mood, there probably is a rather half-half chance that this book will be a miss.

What the fuck was up with the epilogue though. It feels like this is almost a ploy to entice us to buy the next book, because the author can't drag the plot on for the whole of the next book, and if the author does.. *flips table* Goddamnit. Poor Todd.

Anyway, overall I still found this book entirely too fun and I did enjoy it.

Rating: 3.75 STARS approx.