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Kidnapped - Megan Derr
Note: The blurb provided is pretty inaccurate and irrelevant to the greater (and true) plot. 

As per Megan Derr's style, this was a lovely novel-- fun and enjoyable to read. The world building was intriguing, with an imaginative cast of various races laid out for us and an interesting world was set up with the human run Infinitum Government as the ruling power. Although I did point out the inaccurate blurb, I actually had no problem -- I enjoyed, in fact -- the various romantic plot lines of different couples playing out (instead of just the one mentioned in the blurb). My only complaint is that I wanted an exploration of a greater depth for each romance, I felt like I knew too little of each character and their relationship to be truly satisfied. I also feel that some of the elements of each relationship are very typical of Megan Derr, and perhaps even formulaic and repetitive, however I still enjoyed the constant banter given by each couple, the stupid but cute angsting about little misunderstandings (that always make me snort and smile) and also the plot, which was interesting to follow in itself.

Overall this was a fun Sci-fi romance with solid world building and a captivating character cast but in the end, still fell slightly short for me.

Rating: not quite a 3